A brand new way of forensically looking at web history

Instead of pouring over huge tables of textual data, Webscavator provides five visualisations to help the digital forensic investigator understand the data. Some visualisations give broad overviews of what the web history looks like - such as peak times of use and top domain names visited, whilst others give an in-depth look at the data itself such as a breakdown of all the local files accessed and search terms used in search engines. An interactive timeline allows the investigator to zoom and pan around the web history data, highlighting and removing data using the customisable filters available.

Update 03-Jul-2011

Webscavator is now on gitHub: https://github.com/lowmanio/Webscavator

Update 31-Jul-2011

Webscavator is featured on the SANS forensics blog and the full paper paper which was presented at the 2011 Cyberforensics conference can be read in HTML on Forensics Focus or as a PDF on http://lowmanio.co.uk. You can also buy the book which the paper is published in.

If anyone is interested in helping out with Webscavator, whether it's testing, programming or using the software, please send an email!